Friday, February 20, 2009

I will be gone for a few weeks, but when I come back I will have photos and hopefully some new ideas. Hope all of you continue bento-ing!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

And the winner is...

Ask A Life Coach!

She says, "I loooove the pork loin idea in baguette that is my favorite because it loooks SO delicious and my husband would love it.

(I've been packing him bentoes for lunch.)"

The winner was chosen using the random generator.

Thank you all for the comments, it was fun to see everyone's favorite posts. I'll do another giveaway... I'm hoping to go to Tokyo late this spring for a friend's wedding and hope to pick up some bento goods while I'm there.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

bento giveaway contest!

I hope you'll find today's post from me an exciting one. Announcing a bento goods giveaway contest open to readers of this blog living in the U.S.!

To enter:
  • Leave a comment to this blog entry
  • Comment must include:
    • A valid email address (so I can contact you if you win)
    • A link to your favorite entry on this blog
    • An explanation of why the entry you've chosen is your favorite (please don't say this entry is your fave)
  • Comment must be left by the end of the day CST February 16, 2009.
The winner will receive an assortment from the goods shown in the below photos.

A mini apron, adjustable bento belts:

Assorted animal picks, animal-printed plastic muffin trays, food-themed dividers:

Onigiri molds, bento bag:

sausage animal makers, onigiri molds, nori face punches:

more printed muffin tins, chopsticks holder:

So, a couple of disclaimers:
  • You will not win ALL items shown
  • Some items may not arrive in original packaging / a few might be missing (I hope you understand that I have promised small bits and pieces of the above to IRL friends)
  • One comment per person please

Questions? Leave me a comment here!

Good luck all!!

EDIT BY KP- I WILL ALSO ADD TO THIS GIFT FROM MAMICHAN!! Whomever Masami picks as a winner will also receive a new bento box set and bento book from me:) Thank you, Mamichan!!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Still bento-ing

Yup, still here! Still packing lunches! But I have been overwhelmed with life and have not been posting:( My appologies.

Here is today's lunch.

Spicy breaded chicken on a bed of spinach, rice with furikake, sliced fish cakes, and a tomato.

Second tier has oranges.

One of my favorite boxes, The Nightmare Before Christmas.

And Spongebob!

Here is lunch for wednesday, I think.

Sliced steak, edamame, and rice with soy sauce in the cute bunny container.

And an equally cute bear container.


Blue Dragon bento box.

Dreamy Friends bear bento box.
Miso glazed salmon, rice rolled in Korean nori, cut up celery, tomatoes, and lemon slices.

Bento box:)