Tuesday, April 28, 2009

New Tiffin Bento

I got some new stainless steel bento boxes, otherwise know as Tiffin, or Tiffin style.

I have a triple tiered one and also a double tiered one.

This is what the tiers look like.

I packed pan seared Sockeye salmon, and a lemon wedge in one tier.

A salad in another.

And fruit in the last.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Hello Kitty rice

I finally got around to using the Hello Kitty rice mold and nori puncher that my mom got for me. It's hard to pick up the little pieces of nori! I ended up using a dampened toothpick to pick up the pieces.

bento 4.20.09

top: brussel sprouts and Hello Kitty rice
bottom: pancetta and chard; lamb, carrot, onion, green bean, red pepper tomato-harissa sautee; Hello Kitty rice

Friday, April 17, 2009


I know, it's been forever since I have posted. I have been packing, but time restraints have kept me from posting. I have put together a backlog. While it's not everything, it's something, right?

Here I made a mini sub sandwich, cucumbers (marinated) and some Girl Scout cookies (Thin Mints).

Here is a Nightmare Before Christmas sandwich bento box.

In it, I packed chicken salad sandwiches, cheddar bunnies, and carrot sticks.

Here is a healthy grilled chicken lunch with sauteed snow peas, brocolli, and rice with a tiny pickled plum.

Top tier of a bento filled with watermelon.

Bottom tier filled with steak, brocolli, rice crackers, and Lauging Cow cheese.

Another top tier with fruit.

And bottom with grilled fish and rice with furikake.

And here is a BLT sandwich bento with grape tomatoes. And the lower tier has string cheese, mandarin oranges and spicy rice crackers.